Join the Countdown for the KIA GT!

10 Dec

Consider our interest piqued, Kia. There’s just something about watching a digital clock count down, seconds, minutes, hours, and days. A bit mesmerizing for us watchers, don’t you agree? It’s not unusual in the age of social media for new … Read More »

Winter is Coming

14 Oct

This morning, more than any morning so far this year, we were reminded of our favorite Game of Thrones catchphrase: Winter is coming. And you don’t need to be a fan of fantasy TV shows to feel its icy grip. … Read More »

The One-of-a-Kind K900

30 Sep

We’ve wanted to drive the K900 since the moment we first heard about it. When you’re a car company that specializes in making high-quality, affordable vehicles, you raise some eyebrows when you release a $50,000 luxury sedan. Throw in a … Read More »