Consumer Reports Names the Kia Optima Best Midsize Sedan 2017

23 Mar

Midsized sedans occupy a unique space in the automotive landscape. With average gas prices hovering under $3.00 per gallon, Americans are flocking to trucks and SUVs in droves. Yet through thick and thin, the midsized sedan segment is packed with stylish, functional, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Not too big, not too small, any car that manages to make a name for itself in the midsized sedan segment is just right. That’s certainly true of the Kia Optima, which Consumer Reports named the Best Midsized Sedan of the Year.

Consumer Reports’ award takes a great deal into consideration; a segment winner must have exemplary scores for road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. The Optima not only passed Consumer Reports’ test with flying colors, but even managed to earn a stellar road score of 86, even better than all but a few of the other, more-expensive segment winners!

We could go on and on about the Optima, which has been a serious car-of-the-year contender since its 2016 redesign, but on this occasion, we think Consumer Reports put it best:

“Move over Honda Accord and Toyota Camry: The Kia Optima rocks the midsized sedan segment as a smart alternative to the me-too mainstream. It checks all of the right boxes for family-sedan buyers, with responsive handling, a steady ride and pleasant powertrain, short stopping distances, easy-to-use controls, and a roomy backseat. The Optima is a vehicle that delivers all of these virtues in a stylish, value-laden package that’s filled with features usually found on pricier cars. With outstanding reliability and extensive warranty coverage, savvy sedan shoppers should take this recently redesigned car for a test drive.”

That’s high praise, and we couldn’t agree with it more. If you’re the kind of “savvy sedan shopper” Consumer Reports is talking about, we would love to let you take an Optima for a test drive!