The New Kia Niro Is Something to Talk About!

31 Dec

e29587e2fe6deea9a66edac7c1c8d7dfxThey say Emperor Nero played the fiddle as Rome burned, which leads us to believe he wasn’t a very good leader.

The Kia Niro, on the other hand, is an all-new hybrid crossover from Kia that looks poised to lead a hybrid revolution, offering aggressive styling, sporty performance, and incredible fuel efficiency – call us crazy, but we prefer the Kia Niro to Emperor Nero any day.

But just how good is the Niro’s fuel efficiency? How about “Guinness World Record” good!

That’s right: in preparation for its big launch in the next few months, Kia took the Niro across the United States, and set the world record for best fuel efficiency cross country in the process. World-renowned “hyper-miler” Wayne Gerdes piloted the spunky little crossover from Los Angeles to New York City on 4.1 tanks of gas, averaging an astonishing 76.6 miles per gallon.

Consumers should note that the Niro won’t return fuel efficiency like that in real world settings – Gerdes may be the best in the world at squeezing MPGs out of cars, and the trip was planned specifically to make a run at the record. But the fact remains: Kia’s first-ever dedicated hybrid holds a world record for fuel efficiency before it even makes it to Kia dealerships.

Better yet, this is no Prius: not only will many consumers find the Niro to be a much more attractive car, but it is a true crossover – the Niro has the Prius beat on cargo space without even folding the back seats down.

So if you want a gorgeous car that has enough room for the whole family and specializes in leaving gas stations in the dust, we can’t recommend the Niro highly enough. Come in to Butler Kia in January to see the crossover we expect to take the world by storm!