Kia Sportage Crossover SUV – A Force to be Reckoned with for 2017

29 Nov


Sports cars love the summer. Trucks and heavy-duty SUVS love inclement weather. But the crossover, which is the best-selling segment in the United States for a reason, is a vehicle for all seasons. In the summer, it handles beach balls, soccer gear, barbecue equipment, and wet dogs with grace and aplomb. In the winter, it combines the maneuverability of a car with the power and resilience of a larger SUV or truck. It tackles snow, wet roads, and mountain travel with zest.

That’s why, as autumn leaves give way to bare trees, we’re reminded of how much we love the 2017 Sportage, Kia’s oldest nameplate and smallest SUV.

The Sportage has been gracing highways and driveways since 1995, but it’s been completely redesigned for 2017. As versatile as it is stylish, the Sportage has come into its own as a character-packed competitor in the crossover segment. We asked Brian Dickens, one of our Butler Kia product specialists, what it is that people love about this crossover.


First and foremost, Sportage owners are lauding the car’s quiet, smooth ride. “There’s so much competition in the small-SUV market that it can be hard for people going on test-drives to find major differences, but we’re consistently hearing people impressed by the road noise in the Sportage after driving the competition.”

The 2017 Sportage also stays true to Kia’s tradition of packing an incredible amount of value into even its base models. All Sportages come with backup-camera standard, which, combined with a 5-star government crash test rating, makes it one of the safest vehicles in its class.

Between its nimble steering, quiet cabin, attractive and intuitive dash, and standard safety equipment, the Sportage is a force to be reckoned with for the 2017 model year. If you want a small SUV that does it all without sacrificing any of the personality that Kia is famous for, we can’t recommend the Sportage highly enough!