The One-of-a-Kind K900

30 Sep

900We’ve wanted to drive the K900 since the moment we first heard about it. When you’re a car company that specializes in making high-quality, affordable vehicles, you raise some eyebrows when you release a $50,000 luxury sedan. Throw in a highly-visible ad campaign featuring Lebron James, and you’ve got yourself a truly buzzworthy ride.

Unfortunately, Kia’s guidelines for being a K900 dealership aren’t really built for Southern Oregon – to be able to carry new K900s, you have to sell a pretty hefty number of K900s annually, something we don’t see as likely in our small rural market.

But good news if you’ve been wanting to drive one of these beauties as much as we have: we acquired a 2015 K-900! It has just under 7,000 miles on the odometer, a beefy 5-liter V8 engine, and more than 400 horsepower just aching to prove the doubters wrong.

We were fortunate enough to take a brief test drive in the K900, and let’s just say we weren’t disappointed.

First thing’s first: this car takes the word “loaded” to a new dimension. From the moonroof to the wallet key to the 17-speaker sound system only found in Rolls Royces and the K-900, this car’s interior is the lap of luxury personified.

And then, after checking your 360-degree camera and pulling onto the road, you put your foot down. And you feel your body trying to go through the back of your seat. This car wasn’t designed to handle like a Porsche or look like a Ferrari – it’s a luxury car that happens to be able to perform. But in terms of raw, wind-through-your-hair power, this car is a man among boys.

So what was our conclusion from our brief jaunt with the King of Kias? We’re hoping someone comes and buys this car before we do ourselves. Does anyone know if Lebron needs a backup?