Lexicon Multi-Speaker Sound System in Hyundai Genesis and Kia K900

25 Sep


Today, we heard the legendary Lexicon multi-speaker sound system in action for the first time. Many well-regarded audio engineers make sound systems specially designed for cars, but not many companies with Lexicon’s clout have embarked on automotive projects.

Lexicon, an American audio engineering and manufacturing company from Waltham, Massachusetts, is one of the most important pioneers in 20th-century audio. Delay and reverb, two of the most ubiquitous and important audio effects, are both frequently traced back to the breakthroughs Lexicon made in the 1970s.

So needless to say, when the audiophiles and musicians at Butler heard that a true musical innovator had brought its talents to the automotive world, we were excited. Sure, the sound system lived in the Rolls Royce Phantom, a car whose MSRP of $417,000 is slightly out of our price range. But we still had to hear it.

Which is why we were so excited to find out that the very same sound system that powers the successor to the Silver Ghost also brings music to the cabins of the Hyundai Genesis and Kia K900!

The Genesis and K900 are many things, but “cheap” is not one of them. They cross the line between premium and luxury that the Azera and Cadenza straddle, and then keep driving. That being said, you could give a K900 to yourself and 8 of your closest friends and still have some money set aside for premium fuel without hitting the price tag of a Phantom.

And while everything about the Genesis and K900 gets us excited to hit the open road, their 17-speaker Lexicon sound system may be our favorite features yet. Lots of cars are fast, lots of cars are comfortable, many cars are elegant. Very, very few cars manage to be all three and feature a mind-blowing sound system.

So if you want a Rolls Royce audio experience without a Rolls Royce bank loan experience, the proof is in the pudding: Lexicon sound lives at the corner of Vilas and Crater Lake Avenue in Medford.