Kia and Hyundai Make Beautiful Music Together

21 Apr

Car names have come a long way since the Ford Model-T. Sure, you can still find many cars on the road that derive their name from letters or numbers, but it’s hard to imagine Henry Ford, the man who famously touted that customers can have a Ford in any color so long as it’s black, signing off on a vehicle whose name is a mix between the word “Tiger” and “Iguana” (the Tiguan.) In other words, while there’s still a place for concise car names, nowadays a vehicle’s personality is expressed not just in its design, but also in its given name.

Since music, the universal language, is often associated with organized, fluid movement, it’s no surprise that so many car companies have drawn inspiration from musical terminology. From the Honda Prelude to the Buick Encore, car manufacturers have left nary a musical word unturned. Yet perhaps no carmakers have made such a concerted effort to make sweet, automotive music as Hyundai and Kia.

Hyundai’s Sonata and Accent, like Kia’s Forte and Cadenza, aspire to the harmony and grace typically associated not with rubber and steel, but rather strings and choirs. So what can we infer about Hyundais and Kias from their melodious monikers?

Hyundai Sonata: In music, a sonata is a composition for a solo instrumentalist. Hyundai’s Sonata aims to provide drivers with the control and precision to help them traverse their own journey with elegance and style.

Hyundai Accent: An accent in music is an emphasis placed on a particular note. The Accent, as Hyundai’s smallest and least expensive vehicle, competes in a crowded and competitive segment, but its styling, like its name suggests, sets it apart from the other vehicles in its class.

Kia Forte: In musical notation, “forte” means “loud.” While Kia’s Forte is better known for its smooth driving than its aggressive growl, the Forte cuts a bold profile and allows its drivers to live out loud.

Kia Cadenza: Cadenza means cadence in Italian, which is a pretty good name for a car that drives as well as the Kia Cadenza does on its own. But in music, a cadenza is a free and ornamental solo part played by an instrument or vocalist. Like the Sonata, the Cadenza’s name appeals to the virtuoso in all of us.

We’ll dive deeper into the names of the cars we love again soon, but for now, we encourage you to come see what all the noise is about at your local Hyundai and Kia dealership!