Consumer Reports Showers Accolades on Kia

24 Mar

kiaplant4Here at Butler Kia, we’re starting to get used to hearing people gush about the reliability and innovative design of our vehicles, but even we couldn’t help but grin when we saw the Consumer Reports New Cars issue earlier this month. Kia shines so brightly in Consumer Reports’ annual assessment of new vehicles that the Kia Sorento is on its cover – quite a transformation from a company that used to give away a free entry-level car with new Sorentos.

Both of Kia’s SUVs, the Sorento and the Sportage, were named the most reliable vehicle in their respective segments, and the Cadenza was named among the most reliable large cars on the market. Kia as a whole was named one of the six most reliable brands, and its most reliable vehicles gave the luxury segment a run for its money. In their annual study of cars that have improved in reliability over the past year, the Soul and Forte both cracked the top ten.

Just because Consumer Reports’ love affair with our cars and SUVs isn’t surprising doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly satisfying. It takes time for a brand’s reputation to catch up to its products, and if 2015 was any indication, 2016 will see even more people catch on to the charms of owning and driving a Kia.