Kia Optima Redesign Offers Even More Car Than Before

18 Mar

2016-Kia-Optima-pr-f-driving-598It’s hard to improve on an already great concept, yet somehow, industry leaders always find a way. And so it is that Amazon gave us Amazon Prime, Taco Bell gave us a taco inside Doritos, and Kia gave us the 2016 Optima. How do you improve on a car that has won multiple car-of-the-year awards? Let us count the ways.

  1. Longer, Wider, Comfier – 2016 sees the Optima get a longer wheelbase and wider body, meaning more leg and head room. Longer doors with bigger handles open to reveal a spacious, luxurious interior.
  2. More Cargo Room – The Optima’s trunk has seen a size upgrade, allowing it to stow 15.9 cubic feet of goods, and an increase in backseat-space means that with the seat down, you might confuse the Optima’s cargo room for that of an SUV
  3. Dream to Drive – The 2016 Optima has a body that is both lighter and stiffer, making for a smoother, nimbler, and quieter ride than ever.
  4. Infotainment Innovation – The Optima comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, allowing user to access apps from their mobile devices on their console. This provides the potential for better in-car navigation and entertainment and fewer drivers on their cell phones.
  5. Style for Miles – As sincerely impressive as the other aspects of the all-new Optima are, the first thing most people will notice about it is its distinctive, elegant styling. Front to back, inside and out, this is the car Kia fans have been waiting for.

Although the Optima has seen a serious redesign, it’s still the fun, fuel-efficient sedan we’ve come to know and love. There has never been a better time to find out what all the fuss is about!