Autonomous Souls!

9 Jan

kia-drive-wise_100541027_lKia has added its name to the ever-growing list of car manufacturers experimenting with autonomous car technology. This week, Nevada granted Kia permission to test its self-driving Soul prototypes, which will help Kia to take the first steps needed in the development of ground-breaking technology it hopes to integrate into select vehicles by 2020.

Because it’s still unclear who would legally be at fault in a self-driving car mishap, car companies have only tested autonomous vehicles in a handful of states that have drafted self-driving vehicle legislation. Nevada is one such state, and its largely arid climate will likely be familiar to Kia engineers, who test cars in a secret facility in California’s Mojave Desert.

If you love driving your Kia and aren’t interested in losing driving privileges, don’t worry; Kia’s focus in these tests is primarily on developing technology that would give drivers the option to let their car assist them at times when driving can be most tedious, like in traffic jams or dense highway traffic. Kia hopes to develop a fully autonomous vehicle by 2030, but for now, Kia simply wants to keep working tirelessly to make their incredible vehicles even better.

So remember: if you happen to be driving around the Silver State and you spot a Soul with bright-red plates, wave to the person behind the wheel, and don’t be surprised if they wave back with both hands!