Butler’s Monthly Cake Day

14 Oct

einkiacakeAt Butler Kia, we find reasons to get excited every day. From happy customers taking delivery of their new vehicles to old friends stopping in to say hello, life here is never dull. Yet one day of the month inspires a special sense of excitement in our staff: Cake Day.

How did our monthly birthday celebrations come to be known as Cake Days? For one thing, we in the car business take our cake very seriously. But more than that, what started out as simple birthday festivities now serve primarily as an excuse to recognize each of our co-workers for what makes them special, and to celebrate their importance to our company more than the arrival of another birthday.

kiacakesideshotThis month, we recognized Ray, Jonathan, Bailey, and Chris. As part of a time-honored Butler tradition, all four had to share something about themselves that their co-workers didn’t know. Jonathan, one of our lot attendants, shared with us that he is a black-belt in karate and plans on expanding his focus to other martial arts disciplines.

Bailey, who works in our marketing department, told us that his parents are retired boarding school teachers, and grew up on high-school campuses across the country. Chris, who is a lot attendant and detailer, told us he spent his recent honeymoon on Oahu, and toured some of the locations where Jurassic Park was filmed.

Ray was with a customer when it was his turn to share a story, but Linda Butler had been briefed on the story Ray planned on sharing weeks earlier. When Ray and his wife were on vacation in Florida, his wife was attacked by an alligator. Ray sprung to action, kicking the nearly 10-foot reptile in the head, saving his wife’s life. He and his wife later appeared on the Montel Williams show to share their story.

Although we may call it Cake Day, once again, our vibrant co-workers stole the show. We are always grateful to work with the men and women of Butler Automotive, and our monthly slice of cake gives us an ideal excuse to applaud their individuality.