ChargeUp Program Simplifies Charging Process For Soul EV Drivers

4 Sep

kiasoul16Electric vehicles are getting more and more attention every day. As long as economic and environmental efficiency are important to drivers, electric cars and plug-in hybrids will have an advantage over cars that use fossil fuel. Of all the alternative fueling methods currently available, only electric cars have the infrastructure in place to be immediately viable in the United States.

For those still on the fence about making the move to an EV (Electric Vehicle,) Kia has done a few things to make the switch to electric easy on drivers. First, Kia introduced the 2016 Kia Soul EV, a spacious, comfortable car that’s a joy to drive and whose charge-range outstrips all of its competition except the Tesla Model S. Then, Kia launched its ChargeUp program, which allows Soul EV drivers to use one card to access a wide array of DC charging stations across the United States and Canada.

kiachargeJust as consumers today can carry a single credit card and know that it will be accepted by many different retailers, drivers with a ChargeUp card can access EV charge stations operated by Aerovironment, Blink, Car Charging Group, NRG eVgo, and Greenlots without having to create a separate membership for each individual program.

ChargeUp cards are free to Soul EV owners and carry no monthly fee, but the fees associated with different charging stations vary from location to location. Drivers can find nearby charging stations by using either Plugshare or Kia’s in-car UVO system.

DSCN2742The arrival of the Soul EV to Oregon also brought charging stations to Butler Kia, and we’re thrilled at the prospect of playing a role in the ever-expanding network of charging stations that are allowing drivers to comfortably transition to electric vehicles. We still have one Soul EV in stock, and we would love to show it to you! And with multiple EV charging stations at our Ashland and Medford locations, why not drop by, have a cup of coffee, use our wi-fi, and charge your vehicle?