Mr. Toad, the Red Sedona and the Kia Open House

20 Apr

What a gorgeous day for an Open House/Owner’s Clinic – and we had the best turn out yet! People came armed with questions, chowed down on delicious bites and raved about their new and used Kias – especially the Kia Soul! Just listen to some of the stories we gleaned from chatting with our amazing customers. We just love doing this event – it’s such a great opportunity to connect with our customers and forge new relationships. Plus, it’s FUN!

♦♦♦The Stories ♦♦♦

1. “Mr. Toad”

Say hi to Dana and Scott. They bought a new Alien Green 2 Soul in October which they’ve cleverly named “Mr. Toad” (Dana loves amphibians!) Here’s what Dana had to say about Mr. Toad, “I just love it! It’s so fun to drive, it handles so well and I’m just having a blast with it. I use the Ecoboost feature all the time. We came to Butler Kia to buy because you were highly recommended to us by two families that we trust – and we vowed we would NEVER shop at Lithia! We were going to buy a used car, but the prices on the new Soul were so great, we couldn’t pass it up! We are really impressed with the service we’ve received here as well. And because we got such a great interest rate, we could afford the full, lifetime warranty and lifetime oil changes!”

Thanks so much for coming Dana and Scott – it was wonderful to meet you. We’re so glad you love your Kia Soul (aka Mr. Toad!)

2. The Search for the Red Sorento

Jim Grimes just couldn’t say enough about his beautiful, three-week old Sorento.

“What got us here was the TV commercial with the white Sorento in the snow. We just really liked the look of it. We wanted two things: navigation and heated seats. We looked everywhere but came back to Butler Kia because we had such a great customer experience here. They got us what we wanted – we wanted green or red and they didn’t have either of those colors so they went all the way up to Bend to get the red one for us and we just LOVE it!”

3. Anna and the Pearl White Sorento

Anna and Michael weren’t Kia people until they bought a Kia Optima from us a few years ago. Now they’re hooked. They came to our Open House and a beautiful pearly white Sorento caught Anna’s eye. Their favorite Product Specialist Bob Miller took her out for a test drive and she was sold. She picked up the Sorento the next day! Plus, she won one of our special open house raffle prizes!

All in all, it was a fantastic event and we can’t wait for the next one which is slated for October 22, 2015. Save the Date!

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