Kia Tops Non-Luxury Segment in ‘Total Quality Index’

2 Jul

You’ve heard about how Kia’s made huge strides in quality over the past 5-10 years but have you wondered just how high the Korean auto maker ranks now?  Wonder no more!  Kia In the 19th annual Total Quality Index released by Strategic Vision this week Kia top all other non-luxury brands!  2014 Kia models Soul and Optima also top their respective classes.

So, what does it mean to top the  Total Quality Index?  Strategic Vision says the index measures the “total ownership experience”.  Data was gathered by surveying  38,000 consumers about everything from vehicle reliability to styling.  That information was then compared to other comments having to do with the consumer’s experience buying their car, their perception of the vehicle’s quality, the delight they take in their vehicle, their emotional attachment to their vehicle, and their intention to purchase another vehicle of the same brand in the future.

As for Kia’s rise to non-luxury leader Strategic Vision says, “The Kia brand has come on strong with segment winners Soul and Optima, with models strong in youthful, cool styling cues and that not only make a strong statement but offer a solid foundation of quality.”

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