See the Kia GT4 Stinger Concept in All its Glory

15 Jan


When Kia unveiled the GT4 Stinger at the North American International Auto Show earlier this week the Korean auto maker dubbed it the company’s “most aggressive concept car ever”.  The 6-speed manual, 315 turbocharged horsepower Stinger is being billed as a “purebred, affordable sports car”.   Tom Kearns, chief designer at Kia Design Center America, says, “It’s an authentic 2+2 sports car that can turn heads as a daily driver while also being right at home on the track.  It’s about purity, simplicity and timelessness. The GT4 Stinger is a throwback to days when driving a car was a visceral experience that wasn’t muted by electronic gimmickry.”  The only problem?  Kia has no plans to bring the GT4 to market.  Kearns says, “It’s a totally selfish design. The design team at KCDA is full of gearheads and enthusiasts, and the GT4 Stinger is the perfect car for that kind of crowd.” If you just want to drool over a car you may never see in person check out the photo gallery and video below.  To learn all the intricate details about the Stinger click here for the entire Kia press release.