Kia Pairs Up with the ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’

11 Sep
"The Overly Attached Girlfriend", aka Laina Morris

“The Overly Attached Girlfriend”, aka Laina Morris

You don’t know her name but you do know her face.  She is Laina Morris, otherwise known as the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” who’s image pops up all over the social media universe in a variety of memes.  Now, thanks to Kia, you can learn a little bit more about the person behind the image.  As part of its sponsorship of VidCon 2013, a conference for people who make online video, Kia brought Ms. Morris on board to interact with fans.  Watch some of the videos below.

By the way, Morris never meant to become a social media celebrity.  Her “Girlfriend” video was a spoof on Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend”, and was made for the sole purpose of entering one of the singer’s contests.  Morris took second place in the contest but, as you know, the video won almost instantaneous internet fame.