On-Line Educational Videos for Kia Owners

9 May

UvoBy far the majority of questions posed to us at Butler Auto Group have to do with operating in-vehicle technology.  At Butler Kia that means we’re explaining UVO, Kia’s infotainment system featuring voice- and touch-activated controls.  While we love helping you get aquainted with your vehicle it does require your traveling to the dealership.  That’s where Kia’s educational videos desiged especially for owners come in handy!  Visit http://www.kia.com/us/#/ownervideos/ to brush up not only on UVO but your vehicle’s Bluetooth technology and HD Radio.  Or learn about accessories designed specifically for your car.  You can even shop Kia swag!  All from one location!  Of course, if you’d rather talk with someone face to face, we’re always here for you!