Kia Cub Concept

28 Mar

kia cub“Cub”.  Just the word implies something small, fresh, adorable.  That appears to be what Kia was going for with its newest concept car: the Kia Cub.  Here’s what has to say about the wee Kia scheduled to debut in Seoul, South Korea this week.

“Kia Motors will reveal an all-new, compact, four-door coupe concept on Thursday, March 28th at the Seoul International Motor Show.  The new Kia ‘CUB’ is less than four meters long and is styled to appeal to trend-setting urban dwellers.  CUB is both sleek and small, with a super-smooth exterior, a cheerful face, a daring character and headlamps that feature two-point LED lights – similar to those on the Kia Quoris flagship sedan.

Full details of the Kia CUB concept will be released at 11:10 a.m. (local time) during the Kia press conference on March 28th.”