Kia GT Concept May Become a Reality

21 Mar

Kia GT

The first time we saw a photo of the Kia GT we swooned. But shortly thereafter we picked our jaw up off the ground and moved on because, after all, the GT is a concept car and, while we all love concepts they rarely make it into production. But now we’re all atwitter again because word is the GT is “close to being approved and going into production”! That’s according to Benny Oeyen, the VP of marketing and product planning at Kia Europe, who says all that’s left now is to make sure the GT makes financial sense.

The GT 4-door first entered the scene at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. The 8-speed automatic was powered by a turbocharged 3.3 liter V6. predicted a production model would be powered by “either a turbocharged four-cylinder or a naturally aspirated V-6.” We don’t want to hold our breath but it is looking like the GT-concept will come to fruition. Even Kia’s Chief Designer, Peter Schreyer gave voice to the possibility back in 2011 when he said about the GT that, “It may be a dream now, but sometimes dreams come true.”