Superman-Themed Kia Optima Added to Super Fleet

30 Jan

supermankiaoptimaAll we have to say is, Superman doesn’t usually take this long to arrive.  But that’s okay, just this once, since we’re talking about the Super Hero’s inclusion – finally! – in Kia’s line of Justice League inspired vehicles.

In advance of the debut of the Superman Kia Optima Hybrid at the Chicago Auto Show next week Kia’s released a single teaser photo.  But the bright blue, yellow, and red paint, not to mention the infinitely recognizable “S” shield, are enough for fans and foes alike to recognize the Man of Steel’s influence.

The vehicle is one of five to come out of Kia’s partnership with DC Entertainment and its “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to help families affected by drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.  Click here to see the other character-themed cars.  Now you know why Superman waited to make an entrance.