Road Trip: The Agony and the Ecstasy

12 Aug

‘Tis the season for that most American of summertime activities: the end-of-the-season, last-fling-before-school-starts road trip! (Why we love them so much: Who among us doesn’t have a story about the perils of hitting the road with the people we profess to love the most – whether relatives or friends? My memories are of the 13-year old me narrowly avoiding being left on the side of the road. It sounds harsh but the reality is that after nearly 2000 miles of reading every card in the Trivial Pursuit Game (the Genus
Edition… in case you were wondering) *out loud* on a family drive to South Dakota, I’m lucky to have been allowed in the car for the return trip home. Or, on that same route a few years later, the certainty with which I knew we were all going to die when our car overheated and stalled in the Nevada desert. It was hours before we could flag down another driver for help. Heck, it was hours before another driver even happened by. The midafternoon sun was brutal as vultures circled menacingly overhead. At least that’s how I remember it.

In the end, though, my family bonded over the long hours cooped up in a small space together. We learned to rely on each other, we learned tolerance… we even learned how to create our own fun, imminent disaster or no.

We’d love to hear *your* stories… about the automotive meltdowns, accidental side trips, and the characters you almost certainly met along the way. In the meantime, here’s a
link to a collection of road trip comics to keep you entertained: Happy travels!