Of Kayaks, Cards and Corporate Policy: Why Butler Takes the Cake

2 Aug

It is so much fun to say this: Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did! Family, friends, even strangers heaped so much love on me during the first few hours of my birthday last week that it didn’t seem possible anyone could top it. But, I work at Butler so, I should have known better.

This is what I arrived at work to find: my office brilliantly decorated with kayak-themed lights, trinkets and balloons, blue streamers swaying from the ceiling in a not-half-bad swirling eddy imitation. Flowers, cards, candy, one too-pretty-to-be-real cupcake, and a cake so cute I wanted to hang it on the wall.

From my perspective, this is what it means to work for Butler Automotive; to feel understood, appreciated and loved, and not in a phony corporate-policy, here’s-a-key-chain-with-our-logo-on-it kind of way. There is warmth and heart in this company. And even though the auto business can be challenging, the fact that we like each other makes the work fun… and, when not fun, at least manageable. When we say we are a family, we mean it. And when it comes to a job I already love, working with such a close-knit family is icing on the cake.

My sincerest thanks to Chuck and Linda Butler, Warren Cooper, and my marketing partners-in-crime Karen and Kayla, for making me feel like the most special birthday girl on earth.