We’re Holding the First Ever Butler Auto “Pets & Rides” Photo Contest!

13 Jul

What is it about riding in a car or truck that has dogs immediately thrusting their head out the window, tongue out, lapping at the breeze? I’ll never know but it sure is
funny to see! That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to share your pet’s travel personality with us in our new Pet-n-Rides Photo Contest!

It’s easy! Snap a pic of your pet – whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, lizard, you name it… even a pet rock! – in, on or near your vehicle, and get it to us one of three ways: email
it to customersfirst@gmail.com, post it to our Butler Auto Group Facebook page, or drop it off at our Ashland location at 1899 Highway 99 North. We’ll post all entries on Facebook for the world to see. Then, the judges will get their say on July 31st. Check out the flier for the prizes… they’re fantastic!

Okay, Rover… Say “Cheese!”