Kia’s Ultra Compact – Kia POP!

11 Apr

I am a huge proponent of the “less is more” theory… which is why I get such a kick out of the new generation of
ultra-compact cars that are sporting increasingly snappy names.

Take, for example, KIA’s new line of concept vehicles. There’s the Kee, the Kue, and the KV7, (which is not all that small but apparently still doesn’t warrant a vowel). By far, though, my favorite is the POP. At first glance, the POP looks like a hand held gaming stick. But read a little deeper and you see the beauty in the simplicity. It is ultra-fuel efficient, traveling up to 100 miles on a single charge (with a top speed of 87 mph). Unique, oblong windows and a glass-panel roof offer an unencumbered view of the surroundings. And cameras discretely tucked under the doors give occupants a neat rear-view. To top it all off, the POP needs only a tad more than 3-yards of space in which to park! The name is fitting since, it has to be said, the POP packs a punch. I can only hope KIA names its next concept vehicle the K-POW!

If you want more info on when we can expect to see a KIA POP in southern Oregon, give us a call at 541.776.3088.