The Kia Of 5 Years Ago Is Not The Kia Of Today!

17 Feb Names 2011 Kia Optima


Five years ago the idea that Kia could win out over other more reputable brands in the eyes of industry experts would have seemed laughable.

But then, the Kia of five years ago is not the Kia of today. Just ask which last month named the 2011 Kia Optima as Best of 2011! The reasons included a sleek new design ( calls it “smashingly handsome”), an upgrade in interior luxury, and impressive fuel economy. The experts were so wowed by the 2011 Optima they predicted it will be Kia’s biggest success… ever.

We’ll have to wait a few months to see whether that prediction comes true but, in the meantime, it’s enough to know the reputable brands Kia trumped included the BMW 5 Series. Who’s laughing now?

At Butler Kia we will be honored to give you a personal walk around of this award winning vehicle!